White tail deer.

      Thanksgiving Turkey

The new addition-Dakota Rose. Now if we can only teach her not to chase the deer!!

About the Author

                               The Look-Out

                        The Bloated Blue Jay

                            Phil the Groundhog

Emilie Howard lives among the wildlife and forests of Northern Rhode Island with her family and furry companions.  Here she taps away at her keyboard hoping to give her readers a chance at escape from the norm, an adventure, or a fright.  After publishing her first novel, one can hardly remove her from her post at the desk, except at night when the wolves are howling...

If you happen to visit her and cannot find her at the desk, it's probable you'll find her in the woods with her faithful companion by her side, feeding the deer. Emilie is infatuated with wildlife and often captures some amazing photographs.   The natural setting is an inspiration for her writing. 

            Kelly the faithful companion..