Born of bone and flesh against Odin’s law, she was stolen as a toddler.  Manipulated and trained, she was molded into one of Valhalla’s fiercest warriors.  This is a tale of her younger years.   

Faolan took her oaths seriously, so why were some beings meddling, taunting, or distracting her? The nine realms of the universe, previously stuck in endless slumber, are nearly all awake. She is so close to victory she can taste it, but as with all things tasty, there is the possibility that bitterness will follow. The lowest realm of the universe gives Faolan the greatest pause.

Faolan is sent to Midgard, land of the humans, by the Norse gods to aid in the human’s recover when disaster hits their realm.  The remaining realms of the universe, stuck in endless slumber, begin to awaken one by one, either to assit The Shield Maiden in her quest, or destroy her.  Either way, her burden is great and responsibilities endless.

Faolan awakens from her long awaited recovery to find her oath to Odin unfulfilled.  She must get the Norse God of the Land of Ice, Hunziker, to comply with agreements with Earth, but this is easier said than done.
 The Father in Heaven finally casts down punishment for delayed results, causing more chaos than Faolan ever anticipated.

Fantasy Novels

Faced with multiple challenges, Faolan and The Chosen Ones take to the battlefields again.  Forced to face their darkest fears, will they emerge victorious?  The realms of the universe are about to merge, and with each merge comes a new set of nightmares for Faolan and her army in Book Five of The Conri Clan Series.