What if demons walked among us? Are they guardians or enemies? Battles are about to begin in this thought provoking novel. Find out who walks away unscathed in this gripping new tale set for release in 2018!

More Chills and Thrills

The year was nineteen seventy-nine.  The small town of Lehem, Iowa was a large clique, content and thriving.  When one charming new resident enters the farming community, it is considered an anomaly.  When a second stranger appears, it is a concern…Slaughtered livestock and humans are discovered during the full moon of June, forcing the sheriff and his deputies to take to arms. Available for purchase now. 

Before turning the pages of this book, please allow yourself to enter the dimension of imagination if you will. It is the space between darkness and light, between fact and fiction. Allow your mind to wander and by all means, enjoy the short stories compiled within. Release expected in 2018!